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    Sep 3, 2011
    Hi All, new to the forum and I'm sure you get tired of hearing this: Looking for a budget Rifle scope around 200-250 for a Remington 700 Varmint in 308. Mainly for hunting shots 150 - 350 yards, but would like to be able to shoot out to about 500. Haven't been into the gun scene for about 15 years and all the new brands are foreign to me. I like the mil-dot idea and would love a 1500.00 tactical scope, it's a wants versus needs thing ya know. But would like something variable power, 4-14 maybe, good low-light scope, best bang for the buck. I've looked at lots, researched a bit, just not real familiar with some of the new stuff. I like the mil-dot on the simmons aetec master series, and I like the vortex crossfire 4-16. I like the whole click elevation turret idea but it would be nice to just use mil dots if they were accurate for my 308. Help please, point a scope newbie in the right direction!!!!! I am not new to guns and hunting, old pro if you will, just new to all the new fangled scopes.
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    The Burris Timberline can be had for around $200 and for the price it's a total steal. It is very compact but surprisingly bright for having such a small objective. The holdover points in the Ballistic Plex will allow you to shoot to 500 yards or further.

    SWFA Burris Rifle Scopes Burris Timberline Rifle Scopes

    On the other end of the spectrum the Vortex Crossfire 6.5-20x has a mil dot reticle but it is a MONSTER scope. I had one on a 17 HMR and loved it for target shooting. I had to use the adjustable objective to focus the image on almost every shot so for rabbit hunting it wasn't my favorite. As a target scope, or a long range scope it was a heck of a deal for $100 and the turrets were dead on.

    Vortex 6-24x50 Crossfire Rifle Scope