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Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by SteveAreno, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. SteveAreno

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    Mar 7, 2012
    So I'm waiting on my new rifle. It's a browning x bolt in 300 wsm. I'm excited! I know some guys don't care for them but everything I've seen looks really good. We'll see I suppose. Anyway. My question is what kind of scope should I pick? Magnification and so forth. I wanna be able to shoot out to 800 yards or better but still be able to take something up close. Also ballistically how far out can a shooter reach with the 300 wsm?
  2. Caleb

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    Jul 10, 2012
    Im sure the X Bolt is a fine rifle...and the 300wsm is a fine cartridge. It should be good out to extended ranges if you are. There are many good scopes on the market but if you are really serious at shooting to 800yds you will want something in the range of Zeiss, Leupold, etc. with high magnification. I have an Elite 6500 2.5 -16X on my 300wsm but I only consider it to be about a 500yd rig. I know in the right hands the rifle can do more but 800yds is quite humbling.

  3. 338Tejas

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    Feb 6, 2011
    Your questions are pretty broad and cover a wide spectrum of equipment capabilities and personal preferences.

    I have some questions for you:

    Why did you pick the X Bolt?
    What other rifles did you consider?
    How experienced a shooter are you at long-range (800 - 1000+) yards?
    Are you wanting to use a Ballistic Reticle, "Hold Over" or use target turrets on the scope?
    Are you willing to spend as much on the scope as you did on the rifle?
    Do you reload or are you planning to shoot factory ammo?

    There are few factory "off the shelf" rifles with no modifications (Browning, Remington, Winchester, Wetherby, Tika, etc.) that i would say are capable of accurately making those longer distance shots on big game.

    All the manufacturers make pretty good stuff these days but i think you are definitely on outer limits of a factory rifle. I'm not saying your baby is ugly at all but just want to make sure you make the the right purchase for what you want to do.