Browning BOSS sweetspot... What's yours

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    Jun 4, 2014
    For those of you who shoot a Browning Rifle using the BOSS system, what are your sweetspots, either for factory ammo, or home brewed? The Browning chart is rather anemic and I am hoping that we can provide a more extensive list here for users trying to find that magical setting for their BOSS.

    ABOLT or BAR
    Ammo (if store bought)
    Load workup if reloaded (powder, powder charge, bullet & weight, COAL, primers, case brand & velocity if you know)
    Approx 100 group size. (Time to brag if you want to!)
    ---BOSS setting---

    Any tips you have for tuning the boss are certainly welcome! What inspired me to make this post is that I just got a Browning Abolt 2 synthetic 300 wm and data is sort of hard to come by for the sweetspots that people have found work for them. Hoping to compile a list and get a sticky if we can get a big enough of a list.


    300 wm
    168 berger VLD HUNTING
    ? Powder charge
    ? COAL
    ? Velocity
    ? Sweetspot

    Will post my results once I get it dialed in!