Browning A Bolt Stock Bedding questions

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    Mar 8, 2011
    I gotta question involving a new Browning A Bolt I picked up in 30-06 with the boss system. I've always shot Mil-Surp M1 garands, 1903's and 1917's. I have a bone stock 700 SPS but recently picked up this Browning cheap so I whought I may put a lil money into it. It has a synthitic stock I'd like to put it into a Boyd's Laminated Thumbhole stock. But I understand that the Boss fitted guns have diffrent bedding than normal. I'm not afraid of a lil stock work I've help'd completely build up muzzleloaders from stock blanks but I have never bedd'd a gun. I'm not afraid og a lil stock work but I dont wanna screw things up on the bedding. SO has anyone here ever rebedded a Boss fitted A-bolt? How'd it turn out, can you recomend some one who can do it or has experance witht the abolts? Also Boyds stocks are they any good I'm not afraid f a lil fitting work and I actually kinda like it.