Browning A-Bolt Composite Stalker .308 Win - price dropped

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    Apr 26, 2009
    Price dropped to $700

    Browning A-Bolt Composite Stalker .308 Win,
    1 in 10" twist, 22" barrel,
    2 Browning 4 round magazines,

    Rifle has been glass bedded, trigger tuned to ~3.5.lbs, and crown and lugs checked, all by Westwind Rifles (here in Colorado). I used the Tubb Final Finish product and procedure.

    Scope is a Leupold VX-II 3-9x33 Ultralight Matte wide duplex (8.8 oz.), 1/4moa click, Multicoat 4, aluminum Warne rings.

    Approximately 300 rounds fired.

    It just shot a 1.25" five shot group @100 meters with Back Hills 175gr Match ammunition. Group without the flyer is .625".
    The lightest .308 (6.lbs 11oz.) I could find at the time among major vendors unless I got into titanium or custom lightweights. Barrel measures .565 at the muzzle.

    The rifle with one empty magazine and scope mounted weighs 7.lbs on my bathroom scale. ((( more like 7.5.bls, scale only reads to half .lb )))

    99% condition, minor nick on scope (shown).
    Original box for both scope and rifle.

    Purchased by me 3/2005.

    $800 for rifle and scope, plus shipping, no trade offers please.

    Thanks for your interest,
    Stets Newcomb

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    Jun 18, 2012
    HI - This is the first time Ive used this site - Is this A-Bolt still for sale - Is this still the old style A-Bolt - they changed the new one and I dont like the balance.. Anyway, Im interested - Give me a reply.

    My Phone No: 306-862-5100 (Cell 306-862-6776)

  3. wstetson

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    Apr 26, 2009

    Rifle was sold, but thanks for your interest. Enjoy the site.