Brownells Glasbed bedding comound

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    Jul 1, 2002
    I know alot of guys use differant things to bed their guns with ranging from Bondo to Quick Crete , I generaly use JB Weld , Marine Tex (when I can find it) and Steel Bed but I reciently tried an easy to use two part mix from Brownells called Glasbed , its a two part ready to mix premeasured glue that comes in either Brown or Black. Simply following the instructions lead to a nice bedding job with a clean smooth finish , it cleaned up fairly easy. the one thing that I diden't like was the instruction said that the excess bedding comound could be cleaned up with viniger , for those of you that don't know , viniger will remove the blueing from steel like acetone does your wife's fingernails maybe better!!! Here again come in the above mentioned post about using ALOT of release agent and plenty of masking tape tape off everything and apply release agent to everything that you don't want the glue to stay on.

    I have made some test pieces from Marine Tex , JB Weld , Steel Bed and this Glasbed all pieces were made over sized to 1.50" . All compounds were mixed according to their instructions and alowed to dry for 12hrs before being machined to exactly 1.000" square. they were all mixed in the same room at the same time and are all sitting outside where the climate is ranging from 40 degs F at night to 70 degs F during the day , out of the sunlight with an average humidity of around 40-60%
    All the blocks have been sitting to cure for 5 days , I'll post the results of any shrinkage on Monday.