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    Jan 20, 2004
    I was told by the "glass" salesman a the local warehouse that the Nikon Monark 3-9 with the BDC (little circles) was calibrated for the 50 cal in line MLdr. true or not true?

    Part B:

    Which of the black powder rifles, shot shell primer'd, would be a great one for deer and elk?


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    Dec 18, 2006
    Opps finger slipped!
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  3. NYLES

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    Dec 18, 2006
    True, set up for 250gr shock-wave bullets and 150 gr powder. I find 6-7 inches on deer for a 200-225 yard shot to simply hold on his spine....I think you can get better optic's in a standard Nikon 3x9x40....Roy this subject I can back with pic after pic of dead deers! And thinking of you being in Idaho why not look at the new Nikon with finger turrets and make a drop chart same way you do your AM? Thats the next BP experiment I intend to do.

    Encore, Omega, or maybe that new one from T/C...That is my order of choice and in S/S.

    Best buy and bang for the buck Omega..hands down!

    Just for knowledge I shoot 120grains loose 777 behind a 290 Barnes TMZ...this is the best deer load I ever shot....however this load is lower than 6-7 at 200 +++ yardage. Must of mine fall between 20 and 150 yards.

    DADS load data....he beats my MV by about 20 fps using three pellets vs 120 loose 777.

    ame: .45 Cal, Barnes TMZ, 290 grn in a .50 sabot
    Ballistic Coeff: 0.241
    Bullet Weight: 290
    Velocity: 2061
    Target Distance: 141
    Scope Height: 1.500
    Temperature: 80
    Altitude: 300

    Ballistic Data
    Range Elevation Velocity Energy ETA Drop Max Y 10mph Wind Deflect
    0 yds -1.50 in 2061 fps 2735 fpe 0.000 sec 0.00 in -1.50 in -0.00 in
    25 yds 0.18 in 1985 fps 2537 fpe 0.037 sec 0.26 in -0.53 in 0.13 in
    50 yds 1.33 in 1910 fps 2349 fpe 0.075 sec 1.06 in -0.33 in 0.39 in
    75 yds 1.87 in 1837 fps 2174 fpe 0.115 sec 2.46 in 0.04 in 1.03 in
    100 yds 1.75 in 1767 fps 2011 fpe 0.157 sec 4.52 in 0.60 in 2.00 in
    125 yds 0.92 in 1699 fps 1859 fpe 0.201 sec 7.29 in 1.36 in 3.29 in
    150 yds -0.66 in 1633 fps 1717 fpe 0.246 sec 10.82 in 2.34 in 4.86 in
    175 yds -3.03 in 1569 fps 1585 fpe 0.293 sec 15.13 in 3.56 in 6.69 in
    200 yds -6.21 in 1506 fps 1461 fpe 0.341 sec 20.26 in 5.05 in 8.76 in
    225 yds -10.41 in 1447 fps 1348 fpe 0.392 sec 26.41 in 6.86 in 11.29
    250 yds -15.68 in 1391 fps 1245 fpe 0.445 sec 33.62 in 9.01 in 14.21
    275 yds -22.11 in 1338 fps 1153 fpe 0.500 sec 42.00 in 11.55 in 17.54
    300 yds -29.73 in 1288 fps 1068 fpe 0.557 sec 51.55 in 14.48 in 21.20
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    Jan 20, 2004
    thank you, sir!

    This is for my son-in-law. I need him as a hunting partner as he is 6'5 and 290# of NFL muscle. Great for packin' meat out. I might be lazy but I'm sly:D
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    Feb 9, 2007
    I have an Enocre that shoots great with two 777 pellets and a 250 Barnes TMZ. Barnes makes a great ML bullet. The expand and hold together. I shot a 200+ pound whitetail last year end to end, slug exited!

    I have looked at the Nikon Omega scope but was concerned about seeing the circles in low light. The reticle is awfully fine to be able to see against an animal in low light I'm afraid. I'm on the same track as Nyles with a drop chart. That is my project for the summer, also!

    Good Luck Roy! If he'd like to carry, I mean hunt, some big whitetails.......:D
  6. BountyHunter

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    Jun 13, 2007
    Partially true, it is calibrated for some load, not all. they have different BDCs if I remember right. The rifle, muzzleloader and now shotgun.

    Go to the Nikon website and pull off the data for the circle distances and use Exbal or any other program to do a drop chart for your exact load no matter what bullet you are using. You simply need the bullet weight, MV and BC.

    Go to prbullets.com and look at their double duplex bullets, loads and tricks for accurizing encores or other muzzleloaders.

    Their 195 double duplex is the flattest muzzleloading bullet shot today and accurate.

  7. Varmint Hunter

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    Dec 26, 2001
    I doubt that the Nikon Monarch 3x9 is calculated for a 50 cal ML. However, the Nikon "Omega" 3x9 scope is. The Omega scope may also be in the Monarch series, I can't remember. The Omega was originally designed with T/C's "Omega" ML in mind which is capable of handling 150gr volumetric equivelent charges of propellant.

    The BDC circles should represent the drop of a 250gr projectile that is propelled by 150gr of Pyrodex (or similar powder). With the crosshair @ 100yds the circles should represent 150yd - 200yds - 225yds - 250 yds.

    I bought one to try out but haven't mounted it yet on a new Encore ProHunter. Other shooters that have this same set-up tell me that the circles are "on the money" for hold-over providing that you are using the designated load. I'd be interested to see how much difference a 300gr spire bullet would make. I'd assume that yopu could rotate the power ring slightly and bring the 250yd circle back into play regardless of bullet weight or speed. Within reason, anyway.
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    Feb 11, 2006
    I just recently sold my omega scope, the circles didn't work out for my load, and I didn't think it was a very high quality piece of glass. Much rather a Leup with target knobs, or just hold high. My $0.2 anyway.