Bore cleaning for accuracy

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  1. 7mm Eclipse

    7mm Eclipse Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2009
    Is there a rule of thumb for how frequently and to what level you should clean your rifle bore while target shooting between groups?
  2. RT2506

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    Jan 10, 2008
    Individual rifles like different things. I usually shoot a rifle until the accuracy starts to drop off then I clean. Some rifles will not shoot their best on a clean barrel. I had a 25-06 with a Shilen SS barrel that if you really cleaned it as in remove all the copper I had to shoot around 20 rounds in it to get it to really start to shoot. With the fouled barrel it would shoot 5 shots under 1" at 300 yards. I have always wondered while at the range when I see people shoot about 10 shots then clean for 30 minutes on a rifle. Do they really know how well that rifle will shoot? Maybe it is one of those that needs to have a "really fouled" barrel to really shoot. I have also seen more barrels ruined by "improper cleaning methods" than barrels ruined by not cleaning at all. People using the steel rods no bore guide and letting these rods rub on the muzzle as they come out and then they pull them back into the bore. The use of steel brushes is a another barrel killer. I have been using the bore foam since it came out, Outers or Gunslick, and it has cut way down on the use of a cleaning rod. Spray it in and let it set 30 min a couple of patches to push out the crud a patch of Hoppe's and a couple of dry patches and your done.