Book: "Desert Bighorns - Arizona's Mountain Kings"

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    Dec 19, 2007
    Yesterday I picked up a copy of a wonderful book by veteran desert bighhorn sheep guide Tom Saad titled "Desert Bighorns - Arizona's Mountian Kings". If you enjoy sheep hunting at any level, this is a "must have" for your library. This book is privately published and only available from the author (Mr. Saad). Here is a link to his website.

    Desert Bighorns — Arizona's Mountain Kings

    This is a hardbound book that is printed to the highest quality. The photography (historic and recent) is as good as any I've seen. IMHO, this book is the equal of any limited edition hunting book you can purchase anywhere.

    To be clear, this is not an anthology of sheep hunting stories or a "how to" tome on equipment, technique, etc. It is a book that wonderfully documents the history of desert bighorn sheep hunting in Arizona - from its inception in 1953 to 2010. If you enjoy large rams (who doesn't) this book is for you - especially if you dream of what many consider to be the hardest of the North American Grand Slam for which to draw a tag.

    Obligatory statement: I have no relationship with Mr. Saad (business or otherwise). I have not recieved any remuneration or compensation from Mr. Saad for recommending his book. That being said, I was lucky to pick-up the book from Mr. Saad in person and thoroughly enjoyed talking hunting with him for a short period of time. His humble trophy room is a "Valhalla" of bighorn sheep. Tom is a very nice person and his book is definately a fine reflection of the author and his lifelong dedication to desert bighorns.