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    I know it's not equipment, but I don't know where a better place would be to put it.

    I recently had some work done on my 300 RUM sendero. I had a muzzle brake installed, a new trigger, as well as glass bedding the action. My initial quote was about $50 less than what was written up and when I tried to tell them that they told me I was wrong. I picked Bolsa because they were the cheapest place to have it done and with this "routine" work, I figured even a moderate shop would be able enough to do the work without going to a top notch shop. Bolsa was still a little cheaper even with the $50 raise, but now it was close enough to where I should have gone to another shop....but what the hell, it's "only" $50.

    I was told 3 weeks and 4 weeks later I called and the work had yet to be started on it. I called a few more times and in week 5 the finished it. Maybe good things take time?

    I pick up my rifle and on my way home realize the never gave me my trigger back. Figuring they already got me for $50 more than they were supposed to, I decided I won't let them rework my trigger and sell it to someone else so I called them. I was told to come back because they would be closed.

    A few weeks later I took a scope down there to be bore sighted. I had it bore sighted at another shop and was told that it was 30"+ high at 100 yds. Figuring the shop was full of it (see previous post Millet Scopes) I took it to Bolsa. Initially, I was told it would be $35 to bore sight it and I would have to leave my rifle there. WTF? Are you kidding me? I told them I drove 35 miles to get a part that should have been given back to me and now you want $35 to bore sight a rifle, AND keep it for a 3 minute job?!

    After enough heckling, I was given a "gift" at $15 and was told they would do it then and get it back to me then. 3 minutes later I am out the door with the guarantee that it would hit paper at 100. The next day at the range, 6 shots later, I am 30" + high at 100 yards. I call the shop and talk to the owner and was told that I should bring it back and have him look at it. He told me they may have to shim it, or even mill the base. I told him the same exact model of scope worked before with the same rings and what not and it was probably the scope. I asked him what his price was to bore sight a rifle and he told me $10. Shocked, I told him I was told $35 and he said that there was no way and I told him I was given a "gift" at $15 and yet I was still ripped off. He withdrew his comment and notified me that $10 must have been the "old rate" and he did not know his prices off the top of his head (how convenient) when I told him I had my receipt. I told him I was not interested in driving 35 miles again and just wanted my money back, in which he obliged. I told him I would no longer use his shop and was planning on converting to a .338 EDGE in the future and would NOT be using his shop for it (I never even considered it before, but he did not know this).

    So, I am waiting for my check still, I called the shop today and was told they did send a check out....

    This was not my first bad experience with them...well, actually it was, but my dad has vowed to never go back as he had the WORST customer service there and said they acted like they did not want his business, or did not care to have it.

    If they're your favorite shop, great. If you have never been before, you have been warned!
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    MightyMatch, put this under gunsmithing. This is the kind of suff we need to see. We need to hear about good gunsmiths and bad ones too.


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    That totally sucks. Sorry to hear it. Guess you should have taken your dad's advice 'eh.