"Boat Anchors" For Sale

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    Apr 14, 2003
    1) Yugoslavian Mauser Model 48 8 mm w/ accessories and bayonet. Excellent condition, glass bedded - all milled parts, includes scout scope & mount. $250.00 out the door*.

    2) Yugoslavian SKS Model 59/66 7.62x39 w/ accessories and bayonet. New unissued condition - all milled parts. $250.00 out the door*.

    3) Romanian SKS 7.62x39 w/ bayonet. Excellent condition, high luster blue - all milled parts. $225.00 out the door*.

    4) Enfield .303 No.4 Mk.I. Excelent condition, glass bedded, wood has Tung Oil finish, metal has Gun-Kote finish. Includes extra Fajin Monte Carlos butt stock, S&K Scope Mount, Redding two-die set, Redding neck die, small amount of brass and bullets. $375.00 out the door*

    Out the door* price includes background phone call and sales tax for Florida residents or shipped price to your FFL dealer.