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    Dave would you know the barrel weight of abs rock 5 1.350" barrel shank down to .900? I Believe thats the size of barrels youv'e used before from ABS. Here is the problem i am having.. i got a barrel from ABS 32" with a different company barrel maker than rock 5 that i im having trouble getting under 16 lbs. this barrel company they wrapped by barrel with i have never heard of this pisses me off since i didn't order that barrel after 10 months of waiting paid cash for 10 months ago! so I really need to know what weight the rock 5 ABS barrel is so if it is much lighter than the one I have i can send this one back. Im running a 90% carbon stock alumunum rings from night force, 5.5 x 22-56. Kirby said I can drop 10 ounces by going to a leupold 8.5-25 x 50 mm Mk4 scope with FFP technology but this will still put me over the 16 lb limit for Idaho... so I am ready desperate to figure out a way to get it to this weight of 16 lbs. I'd really like to keep the night force scope if possible.. any suggestions would be appreciated. This gun is my first custom build but I am really disapointed on the hassel. First ABS takes 10 months to get me my barrel..they blambed rock 5 barrel comp. for taking so long but I called rock 5 and they say it only takes 5-6 weeks to ship a barrel to ABS. So someone is lying. Then I finally get my M8000 receiver from Lawton which was paid for 10 months ago...and Kirby has to send it back because it wasn't made right!..And now no brass is available..seems there is a major problem with the brass company. It could be a couple months before Kirby gets the brass...then he needs to inspect it to see if it meets his standards. I want to make one thing clear...this is no way Kirby's falt, he's been honest with me the whole time...these companies do not have any scrouples they will lie to you, I guess I picked out a real hassle for my first custome build rifle...any help getting this gun 16 lbs would be greatly appresiated .. i belive it is at 18 lbs as of now.

    Thanks for your time and help,
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    Had we know that barrel would come in as heavy as it did, I would have NEVER recommended it or the Lawton M8000. Being only 1/2 lb lighter then my all steel "Allen32" custom contour all steel barrels from Lilja, there really isn't much difference and I know we have both been disappointed about that.

    I was expecting the barrel to come in a solid 2 lbs lighter then my all steel barrels which would put us right on the mark we wanted.

    Again, had I known how heavy this barrel was going to be, I would have recommended my "LightweightAllen32" custom contour along with a BAT Model M single shot receiver(1.55" dia), a McMillan A-5 light fill stock and we would have easily made weight with a bipod even.

    From all my research, I was amazed when that ABS barrel arrived as heavy as it was.

    That said, I can pass on that I did have a customer want to use a Lilja barrel blank to have an ABS barrel made. ABS told me to send them a #2 Dakota contour from Lilja and they would use that for the barrel.

    When the barrel got in, it was only 1/4 lb lighter then an all steel #5, fluted all steel Lilja. Again, I was amazed at the difference between the regular ABS barrel and the Lilja based ABS barrel. I called about this and they told me it was because they simply wrap the Lilja barrel as it comes and that the Rock barrel blank is dramatically lighter to begin with.

    I believe this is the same thing that happened with your 338 barrel, they are just buying light contour barrels from this other maker and wrapping them. Does very little for dropping weight.

    Again, sorry for the trouble, had I know what we would be getting I would have recommended a dramatically different game plan for your project.

    As far as brass, anyone using a 408 CT or wildcat based off that case is in the same boat. I have been working hard to get my own brass up and running so when it gets here and proven, I plan on keeping a large supply instock for my customers. Just have to get to that point. Getting new cases made takes time.

    I would agree, this has been very frustrating, it seems no one really cares about deadlines and meeting them. Unfortunately, that means I miss mydeadlines as well but the buck stops with me and I apologize for the trouble and delays and frustrations you are having.

    Kirby Allen(50)