Birchwood Casey Barrel Boss Residue Collector Bags

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    May 3, 2001
    Residue Collector Bags (let's call them RCB's) rate right up there with things that are so simple they have to work. Birchwood Casey sells packs of 12 heavy weight 4"x9" plastic bags that have an elastic at the top. This elastic is heat-sealed or something right into the top opening. You just pull the bag over the muzzle and start cleaning - the elastic is tight and the bag does not drop off. All the patches and brush spray are trapped inside the clear plastic bag. The bags are fairly heavy and have not ripped on me - they are re-useable if you are careful. Being of Scotch ancestry I could not throw the collector bag away when it was full of patches, you can just push the bottom upwards as if you are turning it inside-out - just like that all the patches fall into the trash can. Plastic bag is tough enough to last quite a while, and they give you a dozen with each pack. There are some plastic boxes etc. to catch muzzle spray and patches, this is way simpler. I have the plastic devices, like the little collector bags better.

    Fact is you could probably do the same thing with sandwich bags and an elastic band. I hope to patent the idea of placing sandwich bags over the muzzle, not sure what color elastic band to use tho. Now to get the Glad sandwich bag company to make their bags about three times thicker and solvent and brush proof /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif