Big 'ol 338 on a Remington 700

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    Big 'ol 338 on a Remington 700 *SPF*

    Gun is sold pending funds... Not gonna like seeing this one go down the road.

    I have a Wildcat version of the 338 Edge that I have decided to sell due to my hours being cut in half.

    The cartridge:

    338 Edge Ackley Improved. From what I understand, it's got the ackley shoulder angle and a slight amount of case taper removed. It's got about 3.5 grains of capacity over a standard Edge. In the few times I've played with it, I was able to get a 300 gr SMK going 2945 fps 0.5 grains before the ejector mark showed up. This was with 96.5 gr of RL 25. A friend has this chambering and is pleased with it so I went with it to try something different.

    The receiver:

    700 Stainless Steel Receiver BDL. Wyatt's single feed mag box allows two in the magazine and one in the pipe. Feeds good even with the sharper shoulder. Sako extractor installed. Full blueprinting. Lightweight spring installed in the trigger so it breaks at about 3#. It has a PT&G 0.250" recoil lug. Also has SS bottom metal. A Gre-tan firing pin and spring assembly were added as well to cut lock time and get rid of the J-lock.

    The barrel:

    Stainless Brux heavy Sendero contour. 0.875" muzzle diameter. Fluted. 1:9.5 twist. Big four port QD style brake. Barrel is 30" long.

    The stock:

    HS Precision Sendero II. Has dual palm swells and a Decelerator pad installed. Also, a recoil reducer has been added. It has been bedded. There is a chip in the stock near the front stud which is not noticeable with bipods.


    Neil Jones custom die set. These were $420.00 shipped to my door and have an insert that was made from fireformed brass in this chamber so it's an identical match to the chamber.


    175 pieces of fireformed brass. 155 pieces have only been fired once. The other 20 were used for load development which unfortunately didn't get very far.

    I hate to sell this thing but it is probably my most "impractical" rifle. It has the potential to really zing the 300 class bullets. I've put a couple of 0.500" groups on paper at 100 yards while trying to find a good fireforming load. The standard 92.0 gr of H-1000 worked well for fireforming at around 2800 fps. I've stretched it out to about 1100 yards with the fireforming loads and was able to smack the rocks I was aiming at. Recoil is moderate but it is LOUD with that brake...spotters be warned.

    If there is anything that I missed, please let me know. I am after $1750 shipped for everything listed which is about 70% of what I have into it.

    Scope, base, rings and bipods not included.

    Here are some pics.

    Thanks for looking.






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    Nice who built?


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    Dec 20, 2008
    Very nice rig! I wish I have the funds to help out ... hope that all goes well, cheers!

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    i like it nice rig. who did build it? do the dies come with the gun for 1750?