big bore coyote gun

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  1. rdsii64

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    Dec 11, 2008
    A .308 isn't what most people would call a big bore gun. However when you are hunting coyote one might consider the .308 a bit much. Since I have to run a .308 for a while (only have one gun) Pelt damage is a concern. I have some 150 grain FMJ that are running at 2820 FPS. Is this as good as it gets or is there another .308 round that will do less pelt damage.

    Ultimately I will get myself a more pelt friendly coyote gun but for now I gotta run what I got.
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    Jun 17, 2004
    Keep in mind that you may want to check your local/State hunting regulations. Many states do not allow the use of fmj bullets for any type of hunting and rightly so. You'll find that your going to get run offs with fmj bullets reguardless of the caliber.

    Most guys use a well constructed hunting bullet same as you would use for big game. This will kill and usually make a small hole going in and out. If you hit a bone such as a front shoulder bone damage can be spectacular though. Most folks don't use the term 308 and fur friendly in the same sentence.

    Most of us that have been hunting coyotes for any time tried out full metal jacketed bullets at one time or another. They do not work well at all. Many of the folks that I know that harvest coyotes use either the 17 Remington or the 204 Ruger.