Best rest to use off a shooting bench

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  1. J Walker

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    Jun 7, 2005
    I presently shoot ground squirrels prone with a modified bipod at long range. I now expect to shoot from a revolving bench and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to the best and most accurate rest to use. At present my thoughts were one of the following. One is made by Jim Carroll (Carroll's Ultimate Precision Shooting Rest), the second is one made by Target Shooting Inc. (Model 1000) and the third would be a conventional rest and bags (Sinclair, Bald Eagle, etc.)
    Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.


  2. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    I good Bench rest style like the Sinclair , Hart and others with the same desgine are all decient choices. I have been playing with several differant desgines both the big base plate style and the tripod style , I have settled on a tripod desgine as its much lighter and I use two differant sets of legs one set has legs that are 18" long each making for a very wide and sturdy base for shooting LR from prone or F-class comps ,these legs have feet with 1.75" long spikes extending down from 2.5" flat disk so it will dig in the ground but not steadly sink ,these are threaded with 4" studs so their plenty of adjustment for uneven ground. I also have a set opf shorter 8" legs with smaller shorter adjustable spikes for bench shooting. This rest uses the 3/4"-10 TPI adjustbment post like all the other big makers use so their tops are interchangable even the Co-Ax style. Here is a pic of the first proto type , I have since changed it so that the middle leg it pointing out front.

    Here is a bench style mount that I made and it to is just a proto type and I have made a few changes to the new one also , both of these rest shared a center colume that was the coarse adjustment that supported the fine adjustment via mariners wheel and threaded stud

    If you have access to a mill these arn't that hard to make and you can modify them to suit your needs

  3. gbp

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    Aug 22, 2006
    I currently use a Farley Co-Ax
    but there are many other brands that are stable as well, Caldwell and Sinclare are a few that come to mind