best bullets for 22/250 1:12 barrel

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  1. Wolfseeker

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    Jul 11, 2012
    I have a Savage 22/250 w/ a 1:12 twist barrel, model 10 predator II w/ a bull barrel, & full camo. This is a sweet rifle, I'm just getting acquainted with it. My first load is a Nosler 60 gr. partition with 36.5 grains of Hodgdon H-380, another with the same bullet and 38.5 gr. same powder both are accurate, 3/4 " groups off the hood of my truck at 100 yds. there are a lot of.224 bullets that won't fly right out of this 1:12 barrel. I would love to learn about bullet and powder combinations that will work with this rifle, once I settle on a round I can start reaching out and seeing what she is capable of. The guys at Nosler say the partition bullet will kill out to 500 yds. probably further if I could hit it. This is my first post , am glad to find this site I live in the central mountains of Idaho right in the middle of the wolf herd they dumped on us, come Aug. 30 we start culling. thanks
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  2. Bullet bumper

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    May 20, 2009
    You could try the 60 to 64 grain Bergers they say 1 in 12 is suitable.
    I have used the 55 grain HPBT Sierra and it shot quite well from a 22-250 and a 223 .
    Canines are not that hard to penetrate and kill so a partition bullet is not really required , the Nosler 60 grain will do the job no worries but they are fairly expensive , well over here they are .
    I would also try Hornady 52 A max as it has a good BC .
    On a dog all you need to do is get through the fur then you want the bullet to expand . Wolves in cold country have thicker fur than our wild dogs , so you need to buy just a 100 box at first and test .

  3. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    Most 1 in 12 twist barrels in 22/250 like bullets in the 50 to 55 grain range (I use the 52 grain match
    bullets for varmints and targets) the 1 in 12 should shoot the 60 grain bullets but sometimes don't.

    I sometimes use 45 grain bullets and they are devastating on small game. Lighter bullets like the
    35 grain are fun to shoot crows with (And no I don't eat them)and the lighter 40 grain ballistic tip
    was designed specifically for varmints. I have a 22 wssm that pushes the 4400 ft/sec+ and they
    still hold together.

    The 60 grain flat base partition is a very accurate bullet and does well at 300 and 400 yards but
    the boat tail bullets work better beyond 400 yards in my opinion.

    Hope this helped

  4. Hunter2678

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    May 2, 2012
    Ive shot evertyhing from Sierra 55 BT's, Nosler 50,55,60 BT's, to Hornady 53gn Vmax (.290 bc on a 53gn pill !) and now think I've settled on the berger 64 gn FB varmint match's w 33.5 gns Varget. Berger says that they are for 12 twist barrels or faster right on the box.(.294 bc) Still need to chrono them however. They are averaging in the 5's at 100. All the aforemention bullets did quite well out of my Mod. 12, 12 twist 22-250. They all had different POI's however. The powder I've settled on is Varget after running it through the pact chrono and getting a 9.9 MAD. I was getting an avg velocity of 3775 fps with 36 gns of Varget using a hornady 53 gn bullet. Not too fast, not too slow, juuust right. I found nothing really comes close IMO to its consistency in velocity when the outside temps vary. H380 meters like a champ but its a much more sensitive powder in terms of keeping consistent velocity in warmer temps. Up here in the summer time thats enough to give you fits if you're obsessed with keeping it under an inch.