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    Jan 14, 2009
    I have a stock savage 110 7mag that I had some work done to. I had it glass bedded, free floated the tang, recrowned the barrel and a few other minor modifications. This gun will primarely be used as a deer hunting rifle with shots from 30 to 500 yards possible. The barrel has a 1-9.5 twist and is 24in. My question is what weght and style bullets should I start out trying to reload for this gun. I'm thinking about 160 accubonds because of possible short range shots. Just looking for a good starting place so I don't have to buy up 200 dollars worth of bullets and only use 10 from each box. Also, I'm just starting to reload so I am kinda steering away from the bergers for that reason.
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    It is honestly hard not to buy several types of bullets. Each barrel is different. What one identical rifle may like, your rifle may not. My advice is start with the bullet you want, the one you think best suites your needs. Buy 100. Work with those 100. If you find a good load then concider yourself lucky! If not, try another weight. Unfortunatly there is no clear cut answer here because barrels are so unpredictable. For example I have a barrel that is the "right" caliber and the "right" twist for the 200 ACCUBONDS. In theory, this bullet should really shine in my barrel. Guess what? It is the bullet my rifle likes the least of any. Start with what you want and go from there. There is always a price to be paid in the relentless pursuit of LR shooting/hunting.

    If I were in your shoes and with the info you ahe supplied, I would try the barnes TSX or TTSX bullets. If those dont work, I would try the ACCUBONDS next. If those dont work I would try a more traditional bullet such as the sierra game king or hornaday btsp's.

    If you ever decide to up your yardage past 500 I would look very hard at the 162 AMAX by hornaday.

    Good luck!
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    Here is a resource that you can buy some samples of different bullets without spending the $ on a whole box:
    Bullet Samples for Sportsmen Rifles
    You can get any number of samples from most major brands.
    Good luck,