Best avenue for building my Rem 300WM?

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    Jan 4, 2006

    Well, its just time to have a nice gun built for myself. Its main requirements, pretty light, I live in AK and pretty much everything gets carried on your back, at least for longer distances than I was used to in Colorado. Long range for this gun will be in aboout the 600 yd range. I give that range since its the longest I can practice at currently. Looking to shoot mainly 180's and 200's

    I'm looking at taking a remington LA and having a Hart or ?? barrel mounted.

    Just a couple starting questions. Would it be better to look for the 400 dollar doner gun, (gloss blued wood stock for sure) Or just go with a new Remington SPS at about 520? I am thinking of potential quality between the 2.

    In looking at barrels, I was looking at harts number 3 in 1 in 10? Its only 24 inches but thought it would save weight over the #4 in 26"?

    And thoughts on brakes VS magnaporting. I figure if I'm looking to build a light 300 I may want to look into braking it. I do have a 300WM that comes in at 9 pounds I can shoot all day but... certainly can't spot my shots, and recoil eventually takes its toll

    Just looking for some advise,,,thanks