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    Jul 10, 2008
    im just getting into the long range shooting and i just tried the berger vld 210gr. h.p. im not sure if i like the meplat of the bullet, i hear opposing arguments about the importance of the point. just how much tolerance is there when it comes to this area.if you do dress the point do you change the b.c. and the center of pressure v/s center of gravity on the bullet. now granted i dont have a rifle that has a 1/2 moa barrel but i do want to do the best i can with what ive got.
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    May 21, 2008
    There are a few threads on the Bergers. I personally wouldn't mess with the points, but that's just me. I called Berger a while back to get some load info from them and I also found out that thier minimun opening velocity to be about 1825 fps which is close to most other bullets.

    If you go to their website you'll find out that they are basically designed to peneatrat about 3" and explode. If you modify the point it might explode on impact not to mention what it might do to the BC which is the whole point in using them.

    I personally wouldn't use them inside 600 yds. Outside that they probably stay intact a lot better. There are plenty of quality premium bullets with good ballistics to use inside that range. JMO

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    Aug 21, 2005
    Berger knows bullets...

    I saw an article where a guy destoyed the tips of bullets w/ pliers just to see the effect it had on accuracy -basically no effect.
    Bullets w/ the tip pinched and bent over -very little effect out too 4-500 hundred yards.

    When using bullets that are frangible =berger -amax etc. don't aim to hit the animal square on the shoulder bone ,use a behind the shoulder shot -it will make blood stew out of the heart/lungs.
    At longer ranges you can put it on the shoulder.