Berger bullet performance on game

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  1. sll

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    Dec 3, 2002
    Looking for input from you guys that have used Berger VLD hunting bullets on animals and what you thought of their performance. I have never used them but am looking at trying them in at least 25/06, 7STW, and 270 WBY Mag. I don't want to waste time on working up loads if their killing factor is lacking.
  2. TikkaShooters

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    May 19, 2010
    I used Bergers in my 270wsm last season and was impressed at both the accuracy and the terminal effect.

    Lungs and hearts were liquified and seldom was there an exit wound if shots were past 300 yds.

    One deer I shot at 255 yds had half her heart and a lung hanging out her opposite side.

    Every kill was bang flop.

    These are the best bullets I've used to date for both accuracy and terminal performance.

  3. AZShooter

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    Dec 12, 2005
    Around five years ago four of us built 257 weatherbys. We used Lilja 3 groove SS barrels and had Pacific tool and gauge make the reamer. The reamer has less freebore than Weatherby's. We use .070" to .100" bullet jump.

    All four rifles shoot Berger 115 VLDs exclusively. So far the rifles have killed 13 deer and 5 elk. Shots have ranged from 237 to 525 yds for deer with devastating results. While a few deer staggered and fell many were bang flops. My rifle accounted for 6 coues wt and the bullet exited every deer. The 525 shot went in behind the shoulder and exited the "elbow" of the opposite shoulder making a nice exit hole.

    I'd say Bergers work very well. It has been a while but John Barsness had a great writeup in handloader mag or maybe it was rifle mag not sure. He and several others went to N. Zealand and shot something like 35 animals including tough to kill goats and a few red stag. He says the VLDs are the fastest killing bullet he has ever witnessed. He also said they will enter 2-3 inches before they expand.
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    Jan 10, 2008
    I have only killed one deer with a 155 gr .308 VLD at 2650 fps muzzle velocity out of my 30X47 HBR rifle. It was an average 150 lb doe at 111 yards. Deer was broadside and bullet was placed in the center of the right front shoulder. At the shot the deer flinched a little and took off on a dead run into a thick cut over. Upon arrival at the spot were the deer was standing when shot there was a line of blood and lung tissue spray 2 feet wide and about 5 yards long on the offside. I am a very experienced tracker and I did not find one single drop of blood until I came upon the deer approximately 50 yards away. I guess the reason for no blood trail was you need something to pump it out with. The vitals were liquefied and there was an exit hole big enough to drop a baseball into. I can not understand how a deer with that much damage could go 50 yards.
  5. Hondo64d

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    May 27, 2003
    I have used them on pigs some and one WT doe and am impressed with the results. I've used the 155gr from a .308 and the 115gr from a .257 Wby. An extremely destructive bullet. Seems to do as advertised and penetrates a bit before grenading. I would not take butt shots or severely rear quartering shots, but I won't do that on any animal I have respect for anyway. On pigs, I really don't care where I hit them unless want some freezer meat.