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    Nov 25, 2008
    I am curious if anyone here has experienced what I have with their barrels. I recently purchased a 300 WM center fire barrel for my Encore Prohunter. I put 90 rounds threw it "first 40 was break -in" and began to notice it would not hold my point of aim, one shot was dead on, the next 4" high and this kept repeating. First thought was the scope until I realized that the barrel had developed some looseness up and down. As it turned out, the hinge pin block on the barrel where the locking bolt slides in and out when opening, had developed a gap of about .010". Problem solved, so I thought! So I sent the barrel back to Bergara and they ended up sending back a new barrel, great! They deemed the barrel as defective. So I put the new barrel on the frame and no movement, nice and tight, great! I'm at the range yesterday doing the break-in and it was at about the 15th shot that I noticed the new barrel is now developing this very same looseness up and down...what gives! As it sits right now it has .004" gap between the hinge pin block and the locking bolt. Now keep in mind that the T/C ML barrel that came with rifle when I bought it new now has 150 rounds threw it and I can't even measure .001" of a gap. Superior accuracy to say the least.

    When I first spoke to Bergara about the issue they wanted me to send the barrel & the frame to them so they could fit the barrel to my frame. Not a chance! I didn't want them altering my frame in any way to get their barrel to work. These are suppose to be slip on barrels and they claim will fit the Encore frame. The say nothing about them needing to fit the barrel. I did notice on their website however, that in the FAQ they say on rare occasions you may need to have the barrel fitted. Tell me, what rare occasion would that be? I'm thinking of sending it back again and demanding my money back along with the money spent on shipping and be done with it.

    Has anyone here had this same problem and found a cure?

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Because of questionable quality and experiences similar to what you a talking about, I will not purchase one of these barrels.

    Contact Jim @

    I had a long conversation with him last night regarding the barrels you are having the issues with.



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    Jul 16, 2007
    older post I know, but had to answer. I've used 4 BERGARRA BBLS now, the 700 Rem drop ins, ALL are .5moa shooters and the 22-250 is better than .5

    just to let people know, these things shoot!