Benchmark Barrel 338WSM

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Here is an e-mail I sent to Benchmark barrels this morning. I sent one to Jim See as well as Jim installed the muscle brake on this teenie little 17" pencil barrel. AM I happy with my first benchmark barrel? This morning was kind of special as well as special ops security for the Air Station came in after me with their trailer full of shooting stuff and got to watch me shoot something they had never seen before. Could have sold several specialty pistols on the spot if I wanted. This 338WSM barrel is 6 oz lighter than the 338 Win Mag picture on the Youtube video.

    Next project and all components were ordered ealier this week. "338 Edge" in the same barrel contour or as close to possible with pressure and safety in mind, but on a large shank Striker.



    Raining cats and dogs for the past 4 days. Left the house this morning determined to shoot regardless. No shelter at the range.
    Center diamond (#5) is the first target and is a five shot group. Other than targets 3 and 4 all were one shot clean and cool. 1,2,3,4 are three shot groups

    Target one is 180gr Accubonds at

    1. 3100fps.

    Target two is the GS bullet made in South Africa 180 grain
    2. 3140fps Bore rider bullet.moly coated

    Target three is the Barnes 185 grain MRX
    3. 3050fps

    Target four is the 200Gr Accubond
    4. 2915 This one was about 1/2 grain to hot. No sticking but a slight copper smear on the base of the case.

    Do to weather this by no means is an exhaustive test. I do know that the three groove barrel shot every load faster by 45-70fps over a previous barrel. These velocities sure sealed the deal for me on the three groove. Now If I could just get the dang thing to shoot we would be set to go.