Bell Brass for .300 H&H Mag

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    Jun 11, 2011
    While still a poor cop in about 1985 I got myself a .300 Weatherby(Winchester 70 chambered for the weeatherby). I was counseled that I could buy Cheap .300 H&H brass aneal it and Blow it out for my chamber. I did just that and had fun doing it. Since them I have been able to buy Weatherby Brass. I reciently found my stash of .300 H&H brass but there are a bunch that are Head stamped "Bell .300 H&H" The Primer holes seam smaller and I did not ever blow any of these out to .300 Weatherby. I've been told now that I should sell the .300 H&H brass as it is worth more now than the .300 WBY Brass and just Buy WBY or NORMA brass.
    O.K. That was long winded!
    I need to know if the primer holes need to be Swaged or do they take a smaller Primer?
    Not a great delema but is there someone who could tell me about the Bell Brass, and or is there any intrest in it?lightbulb
    I'd be willing to trade my .300 H&H for Weatherby Brass. I have about 30 Bell and about that many Winchester head stamped.
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