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    Mar 26, 2012 currently has 3 different Bell and Carlson stocks available.

    Models: 2094, 2098 & 2956.

    Bell and Carlson | 1 Shot Gear

    Superior Design
    Because Bell and Carlson stocks have been designed and tested by hunters, every shooter can benefit from the innovative features built into every stock. All Bell and Carlson stocks are designed to reduce recoil and withstand temperature extremes, moisture and hard use. The stock pitch design increases contact with the shoulder for better recoil distribution, while the increased angle of comb allows the cheek to fall away from the stock. Both of these design features reduce felt recoil, which reduces flinch and increases accuracy. Bell and Carlson stocks also have an increased pistol grip or wrist arch which gives the hand a more natural and comfortable position on the rifle stock.

    Accuracy, Strength, Feel
    The solid throughout Bell and Carlson composite stock withstands more abuse than a wood or hollow plastic stock and is unaffected by atmospheric conditions. With a Bell and Carlson stock, the gun stays on target! Besides being impervious to weather, having the benefits of strength, and the reduction of felt recoil, Bell and Carlson stocks are built to look and feel like a wood stock with which all shooters are familiar.

    Fit and Finish
    Prior to finishing, an action is mounted to all Bell and Carlson stocks to ensure a proper fit. Any stock that does not precisely fit the factory barreled action is rejected.

    Easy Installation
    All Bell and Carlson stocks, unless indicated otherwise, are drop-in stocks that are designed to permit the customer to simply bolt the barreled action into the stock.

    All Items Advertised are IN STOCK and Ready to be Shipped!