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    well guys i need some help here,i bought a pso 8-42 scope it as to be fix not on the barrel,but on the stock on the side of it.i will have to be bloody sure to have any floating between the barrel and the i was thinking bedding the stock.since i wanted to do by myself i'm wondering if anyone knowns any website or article who can show me every step to take to make it
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    Get on the web and look up Score High Gunsmithing. They have everything you'll need. Still don't think you'll maintain any level of accuracy without keeping your scope on your barrel though. Just one opinion.

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    Jun 9, 2004
    Attaching the scope to the stock is not a good idea not only from a stability standpoint but scope eye relief and scope accessibility come into play. Have you explored all of the posibilities for mounting the scope to the action or the barrel?
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    thanks for your reply,well from the eye relief and accessibility points of view,the mounting pads are offset from the center line of the scope.i known i will loss a lot of accuracy by doing so(how much i don't know yet).but since couple of gunsmith did it on couple of different rifles and as i heard from it,they are pretty happy with the final result and accuracy.
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