Bedding HS precision stock

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  1. alexkeyser

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    Feb 22, 2007
    I have an HS precision stock from cabelas that I am going to use for a new build. The question is, what is involved in bedding one? It has the aluminum bedding block. Does this stock need to be bedded? I have heard that it isn't necessary to bed this stock:confused: What would be the process to bed it? anything special about bedding it? I have not tried to put a barreled action in it yet but I'm worried that the barrel will contact the aluminum block. Is this supposed to happen? If not, what do you do to remedy it? Just remove the aluminum like a normal stock, for clearance? I have no idea what to do. Sorry for so many questions:rolleyes: AL
  2. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    All stocks can and generaly do benifit from bedding even the aluminum blocked one.

    I generaly take the action out and find where the action is contacking the stock , typicaly on the sides , Ithen use a 1/4" drill bit and make a bunch of 1/8" deep dimples all over the block , bottom and sides and then use a small sanding drum on a dremal tool and rough up the block making sure not to drill into or sand over the small contact areas as they will act like pillers to keep the action at the correct setting. then bed as normal , the small dimples will help the bedding stick into the stock by making a mechanical lock.

    If you barreled action has bnever been in this stock before I would get it all fit in their like its supposed to be before I bedded it unless somthing is bad wrong it shoulden't have any alignment troubles. after the bedding has setup and the barreld action has been removed I personaly like to go in and drill out the action screw hole with a 5/16" drill somtimes a 3/8" just to make sure that the screws ar not touching the bedding

  3. long ranger

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    Sep 13, 2002
    The bedding block changes dimension ahead of the recoil lug, so no worries of the barrel touching the bedding block. The H.S. stocks run the aluminum almost full length of the stock, but the only part you can really see is in the area where it touches the action.
    These stocks do require bedding to obtain maximum accuracy from the rifle, despite the makers claims and bedding will void any warranty by the maker, but so what, their warranty is nearly impossible to collect on anyway.
    To be safe I would thoroghly inspect the entire stock for any air bubbles in or under the finish before doing anything.
    Making the aluminum rough either by drilling dimples or using a rough sanding drum will help the bedding compound stick better to the aluminum.
    Most common bedding compounds will work, I prefer Devcon steel putty for the H.S. stocks, I find it easy to work with and it cleans up well.