BC moose/caribou hunt

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    I went on the best trip ever, in Sep. I went moose & caribou hunting with a couple of really good buddies, up in northern BC. I met them in Prince George, and we drove to Dease Lake. From there, we flew into Tightlip Lake, :), where we set up camp (in the rain) and got ready for the first morning. We had a bull coming right to camp on day 1, but he gave us the slip. As we went over the ridge next to camp, another bull grunted. Once we got a look at him, I put my bow down and reached for my buddie's rifle. I couldn't pass this guy up - he's 54" wide and scored 192 B&C. A few days later, while glassing, we spotted some caribou down the lake, so we got down there and stalked into 100 yards or so, but could get no closer. They both said I should take one of the bulls, as I had never taken one yet. When the bulls got up, we got into position and before we knew it, we had two bulls down. A huge rain/snow storm moved in during the pack job, and we got soaked, so it was into the tent and get to drying our kit - again. Over the next six days, we took two more bull moose, one of which is going to make B&C, as he scored 207 green; he should make it. An awesome trip, with two great guys - I hope we can do it again.


    Note: How do I post pictures into this area?
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    Sounds awesome... that's one of my dream hunts for someday in the future. Let's see some pics. Congratulations on your success.

    Tightlip lake, huh?? Knowing what bush pilots will sometimes land on or in, would that particular lake be anywhere near Tightsphincter lake?:rolleyes:
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    Doesn't anyone know where TightLip lake is? It's right around the corner from ImNotTellingYou valley. :)

    Gord, why don't you keep your name the same across boards, it's way easier. Both for us to know who you are and even more so for you to remember who you are. :D

    You're going to need to load your pics to photobucket or one of those photo sharing sites. Hurry up, those animals are way too nice looking for them not to be in this thread. I bet you still have a huge smile on your face from that trip (I know I would)!!

    Cheers, Chris.
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    Sounds like a great hunt, post some of those pics.