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    Jan 15, 2005
    Hello, goodgrouper

    I was just reading in another post about your barrel temperature.
    How you had to wait for the barrel to cool down.

    I was wondering how you no when your barrel has reached the too hot to shoot point?

    Are you going to do damage by shooting though an over hot barrel?

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    Sep 3, 2004
    Well, it isn't very scientific but if the barrel is too hot to comfortably hold onto for 5 or 6 seconds then it is too hot. That is really a gray area because everyone has different pain sensors in their hands, but if you run an icecube down along the barrel and it melts into the shape of the barrel within about 4 seconds then I stop shooting.

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    Are you going to do damage by shooting though an over hot barrel?

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    <font color="red"> Absolutely </font>.
    Remember, the barrel is hotter on the inside where you can't feel than it is on the outside where you are touching it. The flame temp of burning powder is much hotter than the melting point of steel so the only thing that saves your barrel from being roasted on the first shot is the very quick time in which the steel is exposed to the heat. When your barrel is hot, the steel is much closer to the temp of the burning gases so it accelerates the melting point and basically "adds time" to the exposure of heat to the steel.