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    Mar 26, 2014
    Hello Fellas, this is my first here, and I hate to show up with what's probably an impossible question, but I will. I've got this 243 a guy I know out together for me a few years ago on a m700 long action (I had one Around and wanted a 243). I'd like to know who manufactured the barrel, but there's no markings besides 243 WIN stamped on the top 1/4 of the barrel near the throat only once on the left side of the barrel as you look down it. It's 21 1/4 from the recoil lug to the end. The outside throat us about 2" long at 1 1/8" diameter. From then on the barrel is 7/8" tapered to 11/16" at the end. The crown is indented, I'm not sure what that style is called. I tested it with a patch and the twist seems to be 1/14. The gun was out together in PA in around 2011. Thanks in advance for your help although I'm sure there's 1000 barrels just like this.

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    Lucky you if maybe the gunsmith recognize his work...

    I think that without the manufacturer stamping at one end of the barrel blank it is impossible to tell.

    Good luck