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  1. Cntyview

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    Oct 4, 2006
    Im haveing problems dialing in the sweet spot for this gun with Browning, internet & Winchesters spec's sweet spot all different, everything from 6 to 4.5..I'm useing the Winchester Fail Safe 180g for Elk @ last setting 4.5 and it still not shooting a good group. anyone have any sugestions?
    thanks Dave J
  2. 300win

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    May 9, 2006
    I have shot and reloaded for several boss equipped 300 wm including 2 BAR's. First every rifle is different. I always started at 1 and shot a group at every number until I reached ten. Some where between 1 and ten you should see a pattern at lets say 5, 6 and 7 that shows promise. Then I will go back and shoot more groups in that range and fine tune the setting in .5 adjustments. The boss system is a good thing but it takes allot of shooting to work it out. It will not take a load the rifle does not like and make it shoot .25". I prefer to try a few loads, take the best and tune from there with the boss. If your bar is not grouping you may need to try a different load. If you don't reload there are all kinds of premium factory loads for the 300wm.

  3. Tom Brush

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    Sep 18, 2006
    Re: BAR 300 win mag boss LONG

    I do not have a BAR. I have the S/S Stalker in .300 Win. I do not use the BOSS. I use the CR device (BOSS without holes). I get more consistant accuracy. My settings are 4.0 for all 180 gr. loads (factory and reloads). They all group in 1/2" at 100 yds. This is amazing when you look at some of the factory loads with their heavy crimp and excessive bullet runout.

    My setting for 165 to 168 gr. bullets is "0". When I first got my rifle it was very inconsistant. One group would be 3/4" and the next with the same load and setting would be 2". It drove me nuts! I went to work on the synthetic stock. I removed any material that touched the barrel making it totally free floating. I was very generous with the clearance. I relieved the forend tip under the barrel at least 1/8" I believe that the barrel was bouncing during recoil and hitting the stock. I just kept relieving the tip until the gun grouped.

    I also have a Varmint model in 22-250 that has shot several 3-shot groups at 200 yds. that measured 1/4". I did not have to do any stock work on this gun.

    The .300 is the most stable and consistant hunting rifle that I have ever owned. I have it sighted 3 1/4" high at 100 yds. I can take it to the range year after year, shoot 3 shots and they will be 3 1/4" high and in one hole.

    I hope this helps.