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    Feb 7, 2005
    WEll we did a little gong banging over the week I was in the country. We had this flange hung out at 500 yds. and tested a couple of our standard hunting rigs out on it. Bear in mind that out of them all only one has had any custom work done and only one had a mil dot scope. The other two only had standard duplex reticles.

    I did the shooting on all of them and I must say that the 25/06 which was the only custom of the bunch, shot pretty well, especially using factory ammo. The other two were both Remington .270's. One a standard bdl which had the mil-dot scope on it and the other this years model something in SS and a black laminate stock. Sorry about the details but it's my buds rifle and just didn't get the details on it.


    The two shots in yellow are from my buds .270 (Hornady light mag 130gr Interbonds) , the ones in red are from the 25/06 ( Hornady 117gr SST), and the ones in blue are from the first shots with my .270 (58grs RL-22, 130gr SST). I think I could have done better had I shot the .270's again, but time was getting short and hogs were out there begging to be shot. LOL this was done with about a 15 - 20mph wind coming from about 4 o'clock, to the target. Once I had the hold you can see that things got beter as I went along. The last shots with the 25 the wind had also died down some. I also shot my .270 from off of Polecat shootingh sticks verses the bench like the other two. Trying to duplicate field conditions.

    I do have a question for those of you who shoot a lot at iron, I noticed that the impacts from my bullets looked oblong compared to the rest of the impacts. Does this happen on certian bullets, or is is caused by a condition or is this something that is seen regularily?

    There are some more pics of the gong at the link below under Hunting and Shooting 05 - pg 2. Also a few pics of the hog one of my other friends got up there with us this weekend. It was his first big one, which came in at 320#.
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    May 3, 2001
    We see oblong splats frequently, I guess that they might be caused by the angle the bullet is hitting at. Got to remember they are not hitting the steel at right angles when the distance is long. Just a guess, interested to hear if anyone has an idea.

    We have shot through cardboard boxes at long range to see the angle - very interesting to see how much of a difference there is between entry and exit holes.

    Nice shooting, can't beat steel for practice in my opinion.