Ballistic Programs (oh dear)

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    Feb 5, 2013
    G'day People, I have been foolin with ballistic Programs for a while now and I think Broz or Bng or one of you clever people gave me a set of BC numbers for a 308 anyway with the number they gave me was within 0.03moa from what my range finder was saying and the FREE software was saying, the software said 16.17 and my RF said 16.2moa, Everything was fine till I bought that Bullet Flight software from the app store,

    WHY you might ask??? well I want to get a G7 BR2 and from what I have read on here that thing asks you for Certain Data which My Free software does'nt ask for and also I could get away with using my Kestrel 2500NV, SO because my goal is to get the G7 and this new software I then had to order a new 4000NV so I can fill in all the boxes, Now the problem Is the new software is a pain to fill out and the Numbers are not as close as the RF and my other software is/are, I would'nt mind I havent even used the Kestrel 2500NV yet,

    I know that you dont need Humidity readings +/- but because these two things ask for it I bought it,

    And to tell you the Truth the Free software just works very well in Moa MRads up down left or right, you can pick your scope reticles,Ammo temp, Sighting in weather and current weather, wind direction,Barometric pressure, Cosign or degrees, metric or imperial, Sighting in distance and if you want to set the Range to 2000yds or more you can, you get a choice of about 6 rifles and each has about 6 Cartridge loads you can set and Lawdy is it simple but very accurite just like the clever person here who gave me the numbers Bless him,

    So I would like to know if anyone else has stuggled with that software and trying to remember where everything is within it, coz I just spent $29.14c on this Turkey,

    But my advise to anyone looking for apps get the free one and Be Happy.

    Blessin's to all John