Ballistic Data Day (MTC) July 7th With Bryan Litz

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    Mar 23, 2013
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    Open to the public!

    Pre-Registration : $50.00
    At The Door :$60.00

    Event Details Event Details

    Hosted by Applied Ballistics, LLC
    Location : MTC

    Target audience:
    Sportsmen, Reloaders, Competitors, Designated Marksman

    We're taking a day off from testing and improving shooters skills and abilities to focus on the technical capabilities of your rifle, optics, and ammunition. Throughout this day participants will receive a lecture from author and ballistician Bryan Litz, record cold bore shot, perform group test from solid platform, calculate muzzle velocity, measure trigger pull, rifle weight, scope tracking, long range wind zero, mil/moa reticle calibration verification, collect comprehensive weather data, and detailed instruction on us of ballistic software solutions.

    Gear List Gear List


    Scoped rifle of choice to test
    Approximately 40 rounds of ammo to test
    - Less if you prefer not to conduct all the offered
    - If time permits, participants may test additional rifles/ammo loads
    Clothing suitable for indoor/outdoor activities
    Snacks and beverages
    Camp chair for down time
    Sun screen and bug juice