Badger Tactical Bolt Knob for export to Germany

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  1. Christian F.

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Hi out there,

    I bought myself a Remington 700 Police in 300 WinMag a while ago and am very satisfied with the rifle. I only found two negative aspects, one being the trigle which I found too hard to cope with especially for long range shootin. I fixed this problem by replacing it by a high end fine trigger.

    The second negative aspect is the Bolt which I find far too small and not conveniant to use. I found in the internet and many forums a lot of positive oppinions on the "Badger Tactical Bolt Knob". I really would like to purchase one and let it be fixed to my bolt but the problem is that all internet shopping stores I visited in the Internet say that this product is not for export outside Canada or USA.

    Has anyone an idea where I can by myself one and get it send to Germany. I did not succeed finding this product in Germany. Help me please!

    Thanks in advance