bad nikon blues

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    Jun 21, 2010
    I bought a new nikon monarch 5x20x44 and it was defective. It was actually the secound i ordered a 6x18 x40 buckmasters and the side focus was stuck. I took it to a local store that i do alot of trading with and they took it and would send it off gave me retail and i added a little and up graded. this was the last one on in the store and had been on display. It looked fine had all the turrets still in plastic so i took it. i have a new savage 7mm mag with a er shaw barrel that i have been needing to break in so i mounted it up pulled out the bsa bore sighter and off to the range. at 50yrds 3 shoots same hole . i adjusted it for 1 in high and shot 2 more shots the were 1" high and 1/2" to left. same hole. i went straight to the 200 yrd line and 1st 2 shots bout 1/4" apart 1 " high 1.5 " to the left. I adjusted and shot again but could not find my hole. i shot several more times and hit all over the place. I was sick thinking it was maybe something i had done wrong with the new barrel. went back to 50yrd line and started over could not get a group. i thought i had done something wrong with the new barrel but i checked everything and head spaced it all was well. i pulled a prostaff of another rifle and back to 1 hole groups at 50yrds. I sent the scope in to be checked and nikon web site says they are repairing it. I have several nikons and love them just my luck 2 bad back to back. I will say the bass pro is the store that took the scope from another vendor and had they had another they would have swapped it for me. I will by nikon againg think they have a very nice scope for the money. My neighbor works for Acadamy at distrobution center he getts to meet with all the vendors just went hunting with federal ammo. He has talked to the head of nikon sport optics and nikon could be on top but they make to much on cameras. He also showed me a weaver set of binos that will be here 2011 that are out of this world. If there quality control keeps the line true they will have a super nice bino for under 300. sorry so long and i cant spell.