Aussie Sambar Deer Hunting

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    Jul 16, 2011
    Went bush for a few days with my mate Foot Soldier and his mophead (German Wirehaired Pointer).
    Saw quite a few and my GSP Bella worked fantastically. She led me in on deer a number of times including a Spike that I traded honks with for about 7 minutes and got it all on Video, but shots weren't taken for various reasons. What I thought at the time was the pinnacle was Friday arvo at 3:00pm when I had her standing nose to nose almost with a hind and her knobby stag offsider down beside a very noisy mountain stream. I mucked around so long trying to get pics with my instant camera that the deer eventually ignored the dog completely and just went about their business. Bella got sick of waiting for me to shoot one so she came over too me and started nuzzling my handas if to say "c'mon numb nuts, shoot one of them" so I told her to "fetch em up" and she went back to about 6m from the hind and pointed again. I had a couple more days to hunt so I held my shot and eventually the deer just wandered back across the river and Bella gave me the dirtiest look.

    Sunday evening comes and after a midday snooze while it rained and the wind blew it's ring out untill 2:30pm then eased we went out for the last hunt for the trip.
    Went about 30m above the creek flats and began to contour. Bella soon picked up deer scent and by now I can definitely tell by her body language the animal is not far away. She led me along with her nose hoovering scent from both the ground and the breeze and I cross some very hot stag prints that have left a scrape and preach only minutes earlier by the look of them. We get to a bit of a crease in the hill that is choked with Dogwood and wattle and she wants to go in as that's where the prints go but there's no way I can hunt through it so I tell her to "Fetch em up" and off she goes with me hoping she will put him out. Bella comes back out and I assume we've spooked him and he's gone but she is still really working the breeze so I trust her and follow her very slow progress around the face a bit more. She again goes into some thick stuff and climbs a log to get a better sniff and then freezes.

    I'm making my eyes water I'm trying so hard to see what she smells but can't see anything. Bella then climbs down from the log and tip toes very slowly back out toward me and then angles downhill and freezes in a classic point. I've been standing still for probably 5 minutes now but still can't see anything so I tak a few careful steps toward Bella and look to where she's indicating. As I move I change the angle of a couple of trees between me and where she's looking and suddenly a Stag appears 45m below me backed up to a tree ignoring me completely and eyeballing the dog. He looks good and Bella has done so well I don't hesitate and take aim for the sore spot and drop him instantly with a Norma Oryx 180gn from the 300WSM. Bella doesn't move until I send her to him and then runs flat out and starts licking him and plucking at him everywhere.
    I get there and give her lots of scruffs and "good girl" and we take in the moment together. A great end to a thrilling hunt and so proud of my little mate.

    [ame=]Sambar Stag hunted with my German Short Haired Pointer - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Sambar Spikey honking.MPG - YouTube[/ame]




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    Jan 28, 2008
    The state of California allows the use of a single dog per hunter to hunt deer. Did that for years and once the dog understands what he’s to do it’s really fun especially if he’s a “rounder” A rounder is a dog used when working sheep that will go around and bring the sheep to you. Works for deer also.

    Looks like you guys had a great time. I have one Sambar to my record taken near the Hearst Ranch in California. Imported by Randolph Hearst many years ago.

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    Aug 1, 2007
    Nice lookin stag and a great dog! Of course her hair isn't long enough:D ( I have 3 GWP's).

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    Sep 19, 2007
    My best friend is married to an Aussie ex-pat, and she told us a little about the gun laws there. I was curious so I looked up the Wikipedia page on this subject. I feel sorry for you guys.

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    Jun 9, 2012
    Such a nice story, haha you should dependently make a vid on how you trail BELLA..