At the Bench today....

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    Jul 9, 2011
    Thought it might be interesting to hear what everyone is working up at the loading bench, desk, cubical, closet or garage etc. Photo welcome also. It could be a good reference for new loaders to see more seasoned guys have layed out there area and maximized there space . I'll post up some updated photos of my area later.

    Back to topic, I'm going to load some 270wby, RE19, fed.215's and 130 nosler partition test loads this morning. I'll load 3 each w/+.5 grains from middle load data to max load data. Then I'll test out back trying to get under a 1" group@ 100yds. If not, I'll move on to another powder. I loaded some yesterday w/Imr 7828 Ended up with 75.5gr being the best but think there's more accuracy to be had.

    And as always check your manuals and don't take all info as safe in your firearm.
    Hopefully it'll get some posts lets hear from you.