Assortment of dies, brass, and bullets for sale.

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    Apr 7, 2013
    Lee 30-06 3 die set 15$
    Forester 257 Ackly FL die set 50$ SOLD*******
    RCBS 7mm SAUM FL die set 15$SOLD******
    RCBS 7mm 08 FL die set 15$ SOLD*******
    RCBS 260 rem FL die set 15$ SOLD******
    RCBS 22-250 neck die set 15$ SOLD******
    RCBS 25-06 FL die set 15$ SOLD********
    RCBS 22-250 FL sizing die only 10$ SOLD*****
    Hornady 6.5 Grendel FL die set 20$ SOLD*******
    Forester 300 RUM benchrest seater only 30$ SOLD******
    Forester 6.5x284 benchrest seater only 30$
    Redding comp match micro seater only 308 50$ SOLD*****

    61 pieces of 130g 270 hornady interbond 25$

    33 pieces 6.5x284 lapua brass 30$ SOLD********

    I attached a few pics, I hope the resolution is good enough to see what is what. Most of the dies just need a little cleaning. Some may have a little surface rust and wax in them. Some look brand new.

    Buyer pays shipping. Thanks, Bryan.

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