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    It has been illegal to possess a pistol in DC for a long time. When I came to DC in 1981, I had an assortment of rifles and shotguns and one pistol. After being in DC for about a year I discovered that they all should have been registered and the pistol would have to be turned in and it would be destroyed. The pistol was just a little Ruger single six with the two cylinders in 22 RF and 22 WMRF. Not hardly the pistol of choice is you were going to engage in criminal activities. I also had a mauser FN action that I later got made into a rifle and then a few years ago I had it reworked into the 240 Wby that has been so deadly on antelope and deer and is featured down in the Humor section.

    Over the years I had bought legally and registered several shotguns and rifles so the DC Gun Registration Unit has a good file on me.

    So after the Supreme Court ruling on the Second Amendment and the DC gun law, the DC gov’t declared a 180 day period of amnesty where a person could register any unregistered firearms including pistols. That was great news but I was a DC gov’t employee of 25 years and had little trust in the gov’t actually doing what they say they will do. But my previous dealings with the Firearms Unit had always been nice and they were always friendly and courteous and helpful. I decided to wait until hunting season was mostly over with to go and see what they would do.

    So I decided to try them out with some of the guns that were old and worthless. I ahd a Savage 340 that was given to me because it would not hold 3 MOA at 100 yards and I had a Beretta BL-3 that had a bulged barrel from using the first generation of Bismuth shot. I could not try to get any satisfaction from the Bismuth shot makers because the gun was not registered and therefore illegal for me to possess. I also had my very first gun which was a Stevens/Savage 311A in 410. It had no monetary value but great sentimental value to me. It was manufactured before serial numbers w were required and had no serial number. I pondered whether to take it in or not and what I would do if they would not register it and tried to keep it and destroy it. After several hours of considering what I believed in and what the things were that I was once willing to die for I decided to take it in and see what they would do. That was a very hard decision for me as I am not always a normal and sane person.

    So off I went to the DC Gun Registration unit this morning with all of my felonious firearms. I was so surprised that they were just like they had always been, professional, helpful, friendly and courteous. For the one shotgun with no serial number they had a Xerox sheet of armorers who could call Savage and get a serial number and engrave it on my shotgun and they gave me a provisional registration on it and let me bring it back home.

    So with the first four registered I took the last three rifles and shotguns and the felonious Single Six to them. There was some raised eyebrows as to how many guns I actually had but I assured them that this was the last load and I just could not carry more than four guns at one time. For my pistol, they charged me an extra $12.00 to run a ballistic finger print on it and had it ready to go home in about an hour and a half. Unlike James Jones in the UPS store, I had enough sense to keep my mouth shut and did not inform them that I was ex SF and ran a sniper unit in RVN and had killed a truck load of people.

    I would just say that the DC Gun Registration Unit is all police men and police women and they are just about as nice a bunch of people as you will do business with.

    So after 27 years of living as a felon I am now a law abiding citizen (more or less).
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    You should be proud of yourself...

    Enjoy your first full nights sleep in 27 years...

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    I think you feel a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

    I've got a pile of stuff here that has origionated from lord knows where ,Ibought alot of guns that were flooded during hurricane Katrina for little to nothing and they only needed a bath and refinishing.

    You know their are some perks to having weapons that arn't registered , if the day ever comes that some body is on your front porch with the sacrriest saying ever
    "we're from the government and we're here to help collect your guns"

    then they only have so many to look for and the ones you have burried in sealed 12" PVC pipe in the woods , that you took so much care in wipeing them all down with Eezox and placeing a bunch of desicant packs in with them before you buddied them in a location thats marked with a GPS plot:cool: