Archery equipment, prefer to trade.

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    Jul 8, 2012
    Hi, I have a lot of archery equipment that I would like to trade. As you see there is a good variety of all NEW stuff here.
    I calculate the value of all this gear to be about $800.00
    I would like to trade all of this for the best rifle or crossbow offered. I will look at and consider all offers.
    I am located in Ontario Canada, so rifle swaps would be difficult to do via delivery. I am not even sure if we could do this face to face. Therefore it I think it may be best to keep rifle offers local. Unless you know the law and proper procedures. As for crossbows, they are not an issue. I have bought a few and had them broke down and mailed over. But once again, we have to be clear on the legalities.

    Thanks for looking and considering my items.

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