AR-15 Cheek Riser on Savage 116 Weather Warrior

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    Dec 2, 2010
    I ended up putting a Leupold 4.5x14x50 scope on my new Savage Weather Warrior 116. I used Leupold Medium Tactical Rings for mounting the scope. This was plenty of clearance, perhaps even too much. I ended up with 1/8" of clearance between the bottom of the 50mm objective lens and the barrel.

    I needed a cheek riser. Yeah, a tactical stock would be cool... and expensive. And I didn't want to drill any holes in my new stock. I pulled the 1" cheek riser attachment off my AR-15 stock and set it on top of the Savage stock. It fit pretty well and the rise was close to what I needed but too much. I did some testing with paper towels and found out that I wanted my cheek to be lifted 3/4".

    I jumped online and got a Magpul CTR Cheek Riser 3/4" Size 3 - Black. I like to buy local (for me). The fit was pretty good. But the inner cavity of this one was hollow. I decided to give the Devcon plastic epoxy a try and form it to fit the stock. I'm really happy with the result.

    [​IMG] stock riser

    [​IMG] stock riser

    [​IMG] stock riser

    [​IMG] I ground off the tabs that were on the back of the stock with a Dremel because they were pinching the stock too much. The front ones actually held the riser centered on the stock

    [​IMG] ground off tab

    [​IMG] clogged up my metal grinding stone with plastic gunk

    [​IMG] loaded up a 1/8" bit in the Dremel

    [​IMG] I didn't plan on covering the entire cavity so I drilled out some holes in the cavities I was planning on using so the epoxy could grab onto them.

    [​IMG] Scuffed up the plastic for the adhesive to grab it better.

    [​IMG] Wrapped the stock in plastic wrap to keep it from glueing the riser to the stock. I want this to be removable.

    [​IMG] Fully wrapped stock - taped in place.

    [​IMG] Got my Devcon epoxy. I only ended up needing two of these.

    [​IMG] Cleaned up the plastic with some rubbing alcohol


    [​IMG] The unmixed epoxy

    [​IMG] The mixed epoxy

    [​IMG] 1.25 packs of epoxy filled up most of the cavity

    [​IMG] 1.75 packs of epoxy filled up the rest of the cavity

    [​IMG] Fit the cheek riser on the stock. My hands were covered in epoxy. A rag and some rubbing alcohol took off the mess.

    [​IMG] Strapped it tight with a belt.

    [​IMG] Decided to wrap it tightly with some packing tape instead.

    [​IMG] After 24hrs. I removed the riser.

    [​IMG] Scuffed up the epoxy with some fine sandpaper.

    [​IMG] I opted for U Glu as my semi-permant adhesive. I got it off eBay. I think automotive double-sided foam tape would have been another good choice.

    [​IMG] Peeled the backing off the U Glu.

    [​IMG] Lined up the riser and pressed it firmly into place. I did a test pull. It's on there really good. It doesn't budge.

    [​IMG] You can see that the width of the tape lifted up the whole riser some. I anticipated this and am OK with it. I think it will be helpful if I need to pry it off at some point.

    [​IMG] Back view.

    [​IMG] Side view. It works perfectly! I like to cram my cheek into the stock pretty firmly. This lines my eye up in the exact position.

    [​IMG] Ready to go.

    [​IMG] Success.
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    Dec 2, 2010

    I realized that I didn't have enough clearance to remove the bolt. I decided to move it back some and add some extra Devcon. I'm having fun with this stuff. It came off pretty well with a hard, steady pull.

    [​IMG] I removed some of the weight by putting some holes in the epoxy.

    [​IMG] Since most of the pressure from my cheek will be at the front of this piece now I added some epoxy under the front. I also added some under the plastic tabs so it took out all the left-right play. I scored the epoxy many times with an exacto knife to hopefully add some more surface area for the adhesive tape. I don't know if it will help or not. I also colored the epoxy black with a Sharpie marker. It's not perfect but it works.

    [​IMG] All finished