APS 6mm-22.250 Rem

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    Dec 7, 2004
    This is long overdue.

    About a month and a half ago I recieved a package from Ft. Shaw, MT. It contained my 6-250 which I had anxiously been awaiting. As I pulled it out of the packaging I noticed the usual near perfect fit and finish that I have come to expect from Kirby. The engraving was beautifully done and thing was virtually seamless from brake to recoil pad.

    Here are the specs on the rifle:

    Savage 12 trued by Kirby
    Factory 12BVSS Stock Pillar bedded by Kirby
    Original Accutrigger set @ 1.25#
    1-8" twist Broughton 5C Heavy Bull finished @ approx 27"
    APS brake
    Leupold 8.5-25x50mm w/Varmint Hunter reticle
    Leupold PRW rings
    Warne 20 MOA base

    Those pics have the 4.5-14x50mm on it w/Seekins Precision rings. Those rings are top notch. Glen went out of his way to get me those rings on time for my shoot in TX. I have since moved these rings over onto my 300 RUM. Didn't figure I needed all that ring for the massive recoil of this little girl!! Thanks for all your trouble Glen. I really appreciate it!!!!

    I broke the bbl in using the 105 Amax infront of 36 gr of H4350. While I never shot this load on paper, it was accurate enough to take a pds head off @ just over 400 yds and consistanly get hits on a 12" gong @ 760 yds. The Broughton was absolutly a breeze to break in. Fouling was minimal from the very begining and is almost nothing currently. I will own another one of their bbls.

    After I got the rifle broke in I had less than a week before the 6th Annual Lonestar ShootOut and BBQ, so I threw together several loads of H4350 behind a 105 gr Berger, jammed them .020" into the lands and shot them @ 400 yds. While all were impressive, here are the best two:


    I settled on 37.2 gr and loaded up 100 for the shoot. This is giving me 2960 fps w/an extreme spread of about 10 fps. I don't remember the SD right now but it is very minute. At the time of the shoot I had my 4.5-14x50mm on the rifle. This put me @ a major disadvantage shooting clay pigeons @ 400yds. There were times when I shot the same pigeon twice b/c I could not tell I had knocked the center out of it w/the previous shot. All in all, considering I had had the gun a week and half, the wind was blowing 25-30 mph and 75% of the rifles entered were dedicated bench rest rigs I didn't think 19th out of 60 was too bad. I feel I should have done better though.

    While shooting the rifle getting ready for the Alex shoot, it continued to impress. There were multiple occasions where I had a sub 1" group going @ 400 or 500 yds, only to have the wind throw one horizontally and open things up to about 2".

    The only really good shooting day I have fired this little tack driver was @ the Alex shoot. Driver error prevented me from making the top six, but I'd say hitting an egg @ 500 yds on my first 2 out of 3 shots should give you an indication of how well this rifle was put together. I guess you could actually say 2 times in a row since I made an adjustment from the first shot!!

    Kirby has built another shooter for sure!! I can't wait to get this baby out to pd town. I can spot my shots very well @ all ranges. Should be able to see those little suckers blow up from 100 yds out to about 1200 yds!!! Thanks Kirby, she's a keeper!!!!
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    Looks like you have a keeper. Very nice report!! Let us know how she does in the prairydog patch!

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    Thanks for the post Bill Bailey ,

    you dog you ! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif but I don't see any ( mandatory ) pix of the cartridge /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

    many enjoyments , Jim B.