Anyone loading 200 gr bullets for 300wsm?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by fireroad, May 6, 2009.

  1. fireroad

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    Apr 22, 2009
    Just starting reloading for 300wsm. I have read a number of posts about 180gr pills are the largest you should shoot, and just as many posts saying you are fine with 200gr bulets but loads are compressed. I'm interested in the 200 gr Accubonds and SGKs. While I don't have a Sierra manual, I do have the Nosler one and exactly half of the powders listed are umcompressed loads. Who's loading 200 gr bullets, and what kind of success are you having with them? Powders?

  2. AJ Peacock

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    Oct 7, 2005
    My 300WSM shot the 200 AB's pretty well (around .6moa). I was using H-4350 and CCI-BR2 primers. I don't have my logbook with me, so I don't know the OAL or the amount of powder I was using. But it shot as good as the 180's. My particular rifle REALLY likes the Hornady SPBT 165gr bullets/Varget/cci-br2.

    It is a 26" Savage, Norma brass.


  3. Shortmagman

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    Feb 22, 2008
    I have tried a few loads using 200 grain Accubonds. I did not plan to use them to shoot game but I wanted to try them to see how they would perform in my Model 70 Winchester Coyote. I was able to achieve 2800 ft/sec without difficulty using IMR-4350. You can use H4350 and N550 also without getting a compressed load.
    I never could figure out what every one was saying about the 300WSM case not having enough space for powder when using a 200 grain bullet. I know that my gun has a long throat and this gives me more powder space. However using the powders listed above you should be able to get the velocity you are looking for without compression.

    I used the #5 Nosler Manual data for a 200 grain Partition as a guide.
  4. MontanaRifleman

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    May 21, 2008
    I was always under the impression 200 gr bullets would be too long, but I have loaded 180 E-Tips for mine and they are a very long bullet. In fact, they are just about as long as Berger 210 VLDs which I just got done shooting at the range. I was trying them with some RL 17. I shot one round each from 59 to 62.5 grains, expectibng to reach max before 62.5, but still haven't so it's back to the range tomorrow with some stouter loads. I will take it to 63.5 tomorrow.

    I am shooting them out of a Sako 85 Finnlight and the throat in that thing is long. So in order to seat the bullet to the lands, the bearing surface was only contacting about 2/3 of the neck. The OAL for the Bergers is 3.165 and so far it is not near a compressed load. The E-Tips were way deeper than that because I loaded them to fit the mag (2.93 OAL)

    It was getting too late for good velocity readings, but so far. the Bergers seemed to be shooting very well. Will hopefully have a report in the next day or so.

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  5. woods

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    Jun 4, 2006
    In a Kimber I tried 168 gr TSX, 180 gr Accubond, 180 gr TSX and the 200 gr Accubond. The 200 gr Accubond had the best accuracy and the loads I tried were with IMR4831 (63.5, 64 & 64.5 gr, 2834 fps to 2887 fps) and RL22 (66, 66.5 & 67 gr, 2851 fps to 2888 fps). Since the rifle was not mine, I decided to not push the envelope and load the most accurate load of 200 gr Accubond and 66 gr RL22, .020" off the lands, and Fed215 primer.

    The load was not compressed much and I use a Lee Factory Crimp anyway. I thought a velocity of 2850 was pretty decent for the 300 WSM. Closer to 300 win mag velocity than it is to the 30-06 velocity.