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    Jun 1, 2004
    Well, I have had a couple of doe fawn antelope tags sitting on the table for a while and decided today would be a good day to test out my 215 Bergers out of the 300 ultra mag. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't really that excited about going, but my taxidermist said he needed some full body capes and I figured I could do some trading on my deer mount. So, being a little cocky, I told my wife I wouldn't be home late and I didn't even bring any food with me. I have never hunted this area before, so I had no idea where the speed goats would be. About an hour into driving roads, I came onto my first herd of goats. I wasn't ready and they were too close. By the time I got ready and set up, they were gone. I suddenly realized that hunting after the season has been open for 3 or more weeks, these animals were really spooky. I drove a little further up a road and got on top of a bluff. I spotted a group of goats below and set up for the shot. I had a bit of trouble getting a range, but finally settled of 797 yards. I plugged the numbers into my pda and dialed the turret. I sent the bullet and dirt and rocks blew up from the muzzle brake and the doe was in high gear. Crap, a miss. A few minutes later I got a chance at 450 yards but with no time for dialing. I was set with a 300 yard zero and held about 6 inches over her shoulder. Another miss! Do you see a pattern here? For what it is worth, I am shooting prone with a short bi pod and the shots felt good. On to find more goats. I locate a herd in a sheltered valley and get set up for a 550 yard shot. Again, I am having trouble getting the bushnell 1600 yard range finder to pick up. The vegetation is very sparse, the ground is damp. I dial for the shot and send it. Another miss! While I am laying there is disbelief a herd of goats runs by me at about 50 yards. I didn't want a close shot and even if I had, I didn't want a running shot, so I let them go. I went and checked for blood and after I didn't find any, I decided to kill a rock. I ranged the rock at 244 yards, dialed 2 moa and sent it. Good solid hit. I went and examined the dead rock (granite) and the shot hit about 2 inches low and dead center. So it looks like I better go to the range tomorrow and check my loads. I did open a new can of retumbo, so maybe my zero changed and maybe the velocity changed also. So much for an easy hunt.