Another one bites the bullet!!!!!

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Got out today with my friend Travis, Been a while since we hunted together but the last time we had dogs coming in fast.
    I wanted to hunt an area I haven't been to for at least 2 years. Its an hour drive and then to hunt it you gotta just park and walk get as much dirt between you and the road as you can or failure awaits.Made our 1st set nothing came but I howled and they responded from a canyon out to the north of us.
    We made our way as close as we could get to the area they were howling from and we made a plan and sat at our spots and it began.
    I started with rabbit dis. and let it go for about 10 mins. then pause it. Decided more howls were in order so I use female invit. then lone male then back. Did this for about 5 mins then a interrogation howl and waited then to pup dist. Pup dis. has been working good this year,I don't know if its the howls first and then the pup dis. that gets em or what but its been good the last few times out and this was no different.
    I don't know where this coyote came from but when he cleared the buck brush he was mad an lookin at Mojo like it days were numbered.
    Came right in and Sam actually saw it first and stood up and thats when I saw it and it came right out in front and stopped. I had him lined up and squeezed the trigger nothing happened................ duh forgot the safety. :doh[1]: Coyote made its way closer to Mojo and I woofed and he stopped and look at me then back to Mojo and I let him have it. 60 yds and DRT.
    Then I cut Sam loose and he went over and gave the coyote a ruffin up. Thats always fun to watch. Sam is getting more and more alert on stands
    Its was nice he saw the coyote before I did. He wanted that coyote bad but I'm not training him to be a decoy dog just a hunting partner that'll run over and make sure the coyotes dead before I get there.

    Until next time