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    Apr 7, 2009
    Well what can I say, never lived any where else.
    Probably too much info but here goeslightbulblightbulblightbulb
    Just another Oil Field Trash gun shootin nut.
    Born and raised in West Texas, Pecos County mostly. Was introduced to firearms at a very early age. Was shooting a 22 about the time I learned to walk. Never owned a BB or pellet gun till I was 9 or 10, my dad said they were too dangerous, some of ya might understand what he was talking about.
    Spent most of my time with my father while he was working in the oil patch or with my Grandfather as he done the same. My dad was a Welder and also took care of some oil leases so we were always in the field and I hunted and shot almost everyday till I started school. I hated being at school. My Grandfather had a Prairie Dog down on one of the properties he oversee, he would dump me out with a box of 22 ammo and go do his business. You would be amazed at what a 6 or 7 year old kid could do with a good old bolt action 22 LR with an opportunity to shoot as much as I did. I really had NO IDEA the opportunities that were made available to me, hell I thought all kids grew up this way. I got my first shot gun (410) when I was 6 and bought my first (ya I paid for it) 12 ga when I was 9, I hated that 410...just would sling enough lead.
    Later in life at the age of 21 I was working with a guy (a Yankee from By God West Virginia) that was pretty knowledgeable about guns and accuracy and I was interested. Knowing I had limited funds he talked me into buying a Rem 700 .222. Man what a paper cutter and still will to this day, I have no idea how many rounds have been fired thru this gun. He taught me how to reload, well made me read some reloading manuals and ask me lots of questions before we actually started reloading...I think he knew what he was doing:cool::cool:. I was always trying to make a more accurate load. started buying reloading components from a shop in Odessa Tx I think the owners name was Bob Wright any way after I had been there so many times and asking all kinds of questions he decided I needed to meet a real bench rest shooter. Took me across the street and introduced me to Charles Huckaba (I think I spelled his name right) I'm sure some of ya know who he is, at the time I had no idea. He was very interesting, let me look through a scope on an honest to god bench rest gun and looked a his machine shop. We talked for hours, he offered me one of his older guns, then later offered to put one together if I could muster up the components. Well work kind of took over and never really got to do that. Haven't seen Charles in about 25 yrs now. Well I never really quit shooting but never got into any competitions or built a real bench rest gun, but I'm working that way now. Hope to gain some good knowledge from this forum.
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting.

    Now that's the way kids should grow up.:) I remember my first gun being a 22 also. Never had a bb gun and didn't have a pellet gun until a few years back. And, guess what? I never had an accident, never put an eye out, never shot something I shouldn't, never did anything but have fun and learn about guns. Too bad it's got to be so complicated and legislated nowdays.:rolleyes:

    Hope some day you get to build that gun you've been waiting on.:)

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    Welcome Fellow Texan! (I sure seem to be typing this a lot it's good to see so many folks from TX joining LRH).

    Great story....and I too hope you get to build that rifle....sooner rather than later of course. Drop me a PM sometime and maybe we can get together and shoot.