Angled versus straight eyepiece

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    Apr 12, 2011
    I am thinking of upgrading my spotting scope. I have a Bushnell Spacemaster 15-45x60 that I have had since '96. It has served me well and is in great shape still. I cannot afford 1K plus for top end optics (swarovski, leupold, etc.) right now but have been looking at the Alpen 788 (20-60x80 w/angled eyepiece). I have carried my spotting ssope and small tripod with me in my daypack quite often, but most of the time I am using my spotting scope from the truck or close by and the size and weight of my Bushnell has not been a problem, even when I did pack in or walk a considerable amount of distance. The point is I use a spotting scope a lot.

    A question popped up from reading a article in this months Field and Stream magazine. The article "Scope It Out" states the following bullet point "Do I want straight or 45-degree eyepiece? Unless you're going to shoot from prone, you want a straight eyepiece. For anything but that, and angled eyepiecce is a pain in the neck, Literally."

    The Alpen model 788 has a 45 degree eyepiece, they also make the same scope with a straight eyepiece. I have never used a spotting sscope with a 45 degree eyepiece, but was thinking that it would ease neck tension, even using it from a window mount or tripod.

    What the scoop, what's you're experience? How do you use you spotting scope and do you perfer a straight eyepiece or angled eyepiece?