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    Jun 12, 2003
    I just purchased 2 different types of ammo holders and thought Id give a review.

    First is the MTM RM-20, its is a 20 round compact belt case meant for 22-250 through 308. My intended purpose is 243 win. Each case fits tight only fitting bullet down in a hole which has 2 plastic fingers that press against the side of the case to secure them. The bullet nose actually touches the bottom of the case. I would prefer that nothing contact my bullets so this is a negative to me. The lid snaps closed very firmly and there are 3 large plastic fingers for use as a belt loop and the construction seem very solid. I was concerned about allowable OAL as I am loaded up with berger VLD's but used in a min headspaced chamber with short throat. I measured the cas and it will accept up to a 2.93" long case although that may be a tight fit. My cases were 2.816" so id do have a tad bit of room. It is a very decent ammo holder for the price.(about$5)

    Next is the MTM BUF-10-70 ammo wallet that holds 10 rounds for africian big game cartridges. My intended purpose was 300 rum. This wallet was more expensive at about $9. For double the price of the previous ammo holder I was expecting a HD pinned hinge, which it does not have. Just the normal bent plastic as seen on most of MTM's products. The box closes firmly and has 2 additional locating fingers near the latch for support. Inside are slots with squished portions that are meant to hold cartridges on their side. I believe MTM claims they cold cartridges firmly. On both of my wallets the lid portion holds the cases firm and the bottom portion holds case loose and allows them to slide back and forth hotting the billet tip against the wall of the wallet. Upon visual inspection you can visibly see the indentation meant to hold the cartridges are not to the same depth on the loose portion. This wallet is not as stiff as the previous ammo carrier but seems to have an adequately sturdy construction. The max inside length is aprox 4.070".
    This wallet seems over priced to me and the sloppy cartridge fit leaves me uneasy. It is a nice compact carrier for large cartidges but seems under constructed for its price.