alwys the optomist

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    Jan 1, 2012
    Bob, Sam, Jim and Mike have been meeting every morning for coffee for ten years to discuss the previous days events. Bob is the eternal optomist. No matter what has happened Bob's response is " Well it could have been worse". This morning Bob was running a few minutes late. He walks over to the usuall table and notices Jim is not there. He asks the others of Jims where abouts. Mike speaks up and tells him that Jim was killed the night before. That Jim had gone over to Judy's house and they were having sex when her husband came home and caught them. Her husband pulled out his gun and shot him dead. Bob with his usuall response says " well it could have been worse" the other two are just astounded at his response. What do you mean! It could have been worse? Didn't you hear me? The man is dead!! Yeah I heard you Bob says. Then what do you mean? Bob says , it could have been worse I was doing the same thing over there the night before last!!!

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